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Going paperless starts with effective digitization

Case files require full confidentiality, security, and care. Your firm strives for the best quality. Don’t let your operations stall due to the processing of paper. Your file management should give you an edge. Digitizing all documents instantly (paper, images, fax and digital) with Fenestrae Udocx will give you this edge.

Work anywhere, anytime

With Udocx you can scan case files and other legal documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint. All files are automatically included in search and integrated into workflows, improving efficiency. Additionally, documents become accessible from any device for all authorized personnel, giving you the flexibility you need.

Intuitive Apps interface

With Udocx the digitization process is simplified and the amount of required manual processes reduced, decreasing the chance of errors. Users select the client with the push of a button on their scanner. The document is then automatically routed to the right case folder via a secure connection. Our Apps interface is intuitive and efficient, regardless of the type and brand of the device. This prevents mistakes and ensures that the solution is used.

Lower costs

Udocx is a cloud-based scanning solution. It does not require you to install any software, either on the scanner or a server. Udocx transports and processes your documents and stores them in your own cloud or on a local server. This allows you to take optimum advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and cost reduction, without violating any regulations you might have.

Boost efficiency

With Udocx you will eliminate paper by effectively digitizing documents. Keep your office clean, paper-free and efficient.

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