Document filing in G Suite

Connecting your documents to Gmail, Google Drive and more

With Udocx you fully integrate your paper documents with your G Suite. Process and file documents to Gmail, Google Drive and more. Benefit from full-text searchable digital files available when and where you are.


Scan to Gmail

Quickly email paper documents from your personal account

Sending an email from a scanner or MFP is often a multi-step and error prone process. With Udocx you can scan and email documents in a single click as your Gmail account and address book are integrated. Documents are sent from your email address, and are archived in your 'sent items'.  


Google drive




Efficient One-click scan to Google Drive

Store documents directly in the appropriate location

Filing scanned documents in the right location is often a multi-step and error prone process. With Udocx you can quickly create and define an App to scan documents directly into the correct location in Google Drive. Your scan Apps are available to you instantly on all Udocx enabled devices, including desktop scanners and MFPs. Simply select the app when scanning, and in one click your documents are stored in the correct location. 




Anytime, anywhere access to your documents

Find the information you need where and when you want it

Udocx converts documents into smart digital files for easy retrieval, anywhere, and on any device, that supports G Suite applications.

Whether you are at work, home, or on the road, all you need to do is login to your G Suite Gmail account to access to the information you need.




No software, no server

Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud

Just like Google, Udocx also runs in the cloud, making it effortless to implement as there is no need to install any hardware or software.  Dependent on your preferences, Udocx will process and store your documents in your own cloud or on a local server, the choice is yours.

Udocx safely runs on Azure and is available 24x7 with unlimited scalability. Flexible management options ensure that you retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization.

Udocx Cloud