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Save time and money by scanning documents with Udocx.

Increase productivity

Many financial service providers, such as insurance companies, retail and commercial banks are slowed down by paper intensive processes. With Udocx all documents (paper, images, fax and digital) are quickly captured, processed and routed. The resulting files are fully searchable, accessible from any device and can be saved in any repository. Furthermore, these documents can be configured to automatically start workflows, helping you to avoid needless delays and improve your customer service.

One solution for all processes and branches

Document capture no longer needs back-office support. With Udocx all employees from all branch offices can scan directly into the central repository in both real-time and bulk. Processing is standardized, and all files are automatically converted to the fully searchable PDF/A format, ideal for retrieval, further processing and archiving. This makes Udocx suitable for all your processes, including loan processing, customer onboarding and compliance management.

Intuitive Apps interface

With Udocx the digitization process is simplified and the amount of required manual processes reduced, decreasing the chance of errors. Users select the desired destination folder with the push of a button on their scanner. The document is then automatically routed via a secure connection. Our Apps interface is intuitive and efficient, regardless of the type and brand of the device. This prevents mistakes and ensures that the solution is used.

Improve customer insight

Over 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured. And an even bigger wealth of information is hidden inside documents like letters, contracts, faxes and orders. Make this content available to your analytics team in a structured manner by processing all documents with Udocx. Our standardized digital ‘analytics ready’ format contains a full text index and relevant metadata, enabling you to leverage the information you have.

Easy to implement

Udocx is available both as an on premise and as a cloud-based scanning solution. It does not require you to install any software on the scanners. This allows you to take optimum advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability. Udocx integrates with your existing infrastructure allowing you to capture documents without investing in hardware or software licenses.

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