Udocx for Google Drive

Connect paper to the cloud

With Udocx you fully integrate your paper documents with your Google Drive for Work solution. With Udocx for Google Drive you can quickly scan documents into specific folders and easily print documents without the need for a pc.


One-click scan to Google Drive

Store documents directly in the folder of your choice

Udocx Apps create a secure connection between your scanner and your Google Drive for Work solution. They enable you to efficiently scan to the Google Drive folders.

Your personalized touch menu is available on all Udocx enabled devices, including MFPs and desktop scanners. Once digitized by Udocx, you can access your documents with any device that supports Google Drive and integrate them with other applications such as workflow automation and document merging.

Google drive



Print from Google Drive

Without needing your computer, phone or tablet

With Udocx you can access your Google Drive from any MFP, not only for scanning, but for printing as well. Simply browse your folders, select the document you need and print it right away, anywhere, anytime.

By printing documents where you are, confidentiality is safeguarded. Stop ordering print jobs using your pc and never leave your prints unattended.



Scan to email

Quickly email paper documents from your personal Gmail account

Sending an email from a scanner is often a multi-step and error prone process. With the Udocx scan to SMTP App you can email documents directly from your scanner to multiple recipients.

The emails are sent from your Gmail account making them easily recognizable for your contact. Furthermore, the scanned files are fully searchable for easy retrieval.



No software, no server

Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud

Like Google Drive, Udocx is a cloud based service. There is no need to install any software, either on the MFP or a server. It is available 24x7 and has unlimited scalability.

Changes made to your personal touch menu are immediately available to you on all your Udocx enabled devices.

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Udocx subscriptions start for as little as 50 euro or 65 dollar per month. Start using Udocx today with a free trial account and discover why our customers choose us.

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